SOUNDPROOFING WITHOUT SACRIFICE OF SPACE                                                                                             

Acoustica has developed a new wall system (patent pending) – the only wall system of its kind – to successfully sound proofs your building without taking up excess space.


How the Acoustiflex Wall System (centre) compares in size to similar systems from other manufacturers

Acoustiflex® is a specially engineered product designed for use in noise insulation. It consists of a flexible ‘calcium carbonate’ loaded polymeric elastomer, supported by a polyester film with reinforced aluminum foil on one side & a non-woven polyester fabric on the other. Acoustiflex® offers high mass to stiffness ratio & because of its limpness has excellent low & high frequency sound attenuation. Acoustiflex® is fire-rated & tested by C.S.I.R.O. It is strong, tear resistant, flexible & economic.

The Acoustiflex Wall System has been examined under the ‘Acoustic Performance Index’ and its rating is extremely high. Acoustica says Acoustiflex Wall System is the only system of its kind to achieve such a high rating for such a thin wall. It is only 148mm wide and has an acoustic performance that can be matched only by wall systems a great deal thicker (250-300mm). Acoustiflex dampens any vibration generated in the plasterboard, resulting in a greatly reduced ‘knocking’ effect. The wall feels solid and of good quality construction. The Acoustiflex Wall System utilises very little material, with only 2x13mm standard plasterboard on standard studs. It is 50-70 per cent cheaper to build than any other wall with the same acoustic properties. The Acoustiflex® wall system has the highest acoustic performance rating for any wall under 150 mm thick providing Rw 60 or higher. Thickness is a very important consideration as the floor space in a typical apartment is $6000 per square metre. Acoustiflex® is also used to control the large coincidence dip in the upper-mid frequency region of 2500-4000 Hz which typically occurs in plasterboard walls.

As demonstrated by extensive testing, there is drastic improvement in the nominated frequency regions when the F2.5 Acoustiflex® is added between two sheets of 13 mm normal density plasterboard. The performance gain at the coincidence dip frequency is 9 dB, for the application of the f2.5 Acoustiflex®, with significant gains occurring above this frequency.

The Acoustiflex® Wall System is the ONLY system of its kind to achieve this very high result for such a thin wall.

Acoustiflex® Wall System has been examined under the “Acoustic Performance Index’ & its rating is extremely high. ‘Acoustic Performance Index’ takes into account the cost of the wall compared to its acoustic performance, the thickness of the wall & the floor-space cost.




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