Small details great effect: gently, quietly closing cabinet doors, drawers and pot-and-pan drawers providing cabinet furniture across the board with a feel of luxury. With "Silent System", Hettich has developed a soft-close system that's suitable for all applications. Now, new solutions are being put to great effect on side-hung and sliding doors.

Luxury feel for hinged doors

"Silent System" for hinges slows gently hinged doors closure and shuts them almost total silence. Used on Intermat hinges, three different options provide the luxurious feel of cushioned closure for a variety of applications: clip-on, screw-mounting to the top or bottom carcase panel and the version that screws to the hinge cup. Meanwhile, the die-cast zinc adapters come in sleek, classic form with a nickel-plated surface that perfectly matches the look of the hinge. The improved soft-close effect heightens the feel of luxury.

Screwed to the hinge cup, the soft-close element is mounted in symmetry with the hinge arm. Furniture manufacturers can fit it as standard or use it as an optional extra.

Requiring no tools, the clip-on version is used primarily on aluminium framed doors, or in conjunction with internal drawers. Either way, it simply pushes onto the hinge arm irrespective of whether doors are mounted on the left or on the right-hand side of the cabinet. Carcase production remains unaffected by this solution which is designed for optional or retrofit use.

The screw-on version is fixed to the top or bottom panel of the carcase, e.g. when used in conjunction with wide-angle hinges. Involving minimal effort, installation can even be carried out on site by the kitchen fitter, thereby also providing retrofit capability.

On all three versions, end-users can vary infinitely the cushioning effect to suit their own particular preferences courtesy of a small adjusting wheel.

Reliably sliding closed

"Silent System" also brings a noticeable feel of luxury to sliding doors. Different hardware systems can be equipped to not only move light, medium-weight and heavy-weight sliding doors with perfection, but close them gently too. Even if doors are shut energetically, they run smoothly and reliably to the closed position.

Equipped with "Silent System", the "Top Line 22" sliding-door fitting is slowed down over the final phase of movement, allowing sliding doors to close reliably regardless of their weight. The soft-close unit is attached to the top panel by means of a pre-mounted adapter.

"Silent System" also provides an added feel of luxury on the "Top Line 110", a sliding-door fitting that permits the realisation of unique design ideas particularly in living-room furniture. Used in conjunction with this fitting, a small, compact soft-close unit is attached to the cupboard's top panel.

Silent System adds a feel of luxury to furniture throughout the home. Constantly enhancing the system, Hettich is setting trends where the focus is on good design and practical functionality for the home.

Caption 1: The "Silent System" that clips onto Intermat hinges is made of die-cast zinc and is particularly suited to aluminium frame doors. Photo: Hettich

Caption 2: "Silent System" for screw-mounting to the top or bottom panel: the new, high-quality look goes well with the Intermat range of hinges. Photo: Hettich

Caption 4: Featuring "Silent System" technology, the "Top Line 110" sliding-door fitting runs smoothly and reliably to the closed position Photo: Hettich




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