MODULAR carpet titles from Interface - manufactured in six countries, including the UK - are now available from BP Ergo in India. With random patterning to make every scheme different, modelled after the diversity found in nature, no two floors need ever be alike. With several installation methods, including parquet, it offers  a choice of flexible and imaginative patterning .The modular system causes substantially less installation waste, unlike conventional broadloom carpets, and so adds up to huge savings ,and the company prides itself on zero waste in manufacturing ,and on having reduced its emission of greenhouse gases by 46%.


WITH a thickness of 9.5 mm (for strength) and a low porosity of 0.1% Titanium is a new floor tile manufactured in Italy. Now itís also available in India through KERAMOS. This exclusive floor tile is available in seven colours. It is a full-body porcelain title limestone. The low porosity makes the floor tile virtually stain-free. So for any humid country like India this kind of floor tile is very much necessary.


A new gypsum board from BPB India Gypsum, MR-Ultra has been developed for high humidity areas like Kitchens, bathrooms and interiors of open balconies. Said   to absorb less than five per cent moisture, it is quick alternative to brick and cement walls. It can be painted or clad with tiles with a special adhesive.


brings to you, from Germany, Keramag fixtures for stylish bathrooms. These have extraordinary designs that are classy enough to be exhibited at New York's Museum of Modern Art.  Keramag also have innovations like a ceramic glaze that prevents grime from sticking to basins, removable seats for WCs and bidets for better hygiene and an overflow system incorporated invisibly into the waste pipe.




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