Wooden Furniture

From time immemorial wood has been used to make furniture. Wood imparts a natural elegance to furniture. The style and look of the furniture also varies according to the type of wood used to make it. A piece of furniture made from teak wood look quite different from the one made from mahogany or rosewood. However, wood has the problem of expanding and contracting as it absorbs and releases moisture. This phenomenon is called wood movement. As a result, it tends to pose a problem in furniture. In fact, panels made from solid lumber usually fail the test of time if they are not allowed to move.

 Wooden furniture and accessories have the following categories:

       Wooden Beach & Poolside Loungers/Chairs 
       Wooden Outdoor Hardwood Furniture 
       Wooden Coffee Table
       Wooden Console Table
       Wooden End Table 
       Wooden Bar Stools & Tables 
       Wooden Bedroom Sets/Suites 
       Wooden Reproduction Antique Furniture
       Wooden Chair Legs & Bases
       Wooden Park Benches
       Wooden Patio Furniture
       Wooden Garden Furniture
       Wooden Cabinets
       Wooden Bookshelves
       Wooden Toy Box
       Wooden Chest
       Wooden Sofa Set
       Wooden Dining Set
       Wooden Computer Table
       Wooden Shelf
       Wooden Showcase
       Wooden Dressing Table
       Wooden Wardrobe
       Wooden Sideboard
       Wooden Side Table
       Wooden Centre Table







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