Unfinished Furniture

Unfinished furniture doesn't generally have any paint or polish on it to give it a finished look. The advantage of using unfinished furniture over finished furniture is that factory finished furniture conceals defects or blemishes in wood. Moreover, finished furniture items from manufacturers can change colours over time. This can make it difficult to match colours when adding new furniture items to your house. This is where the advantage of using unfinished furniture lies. When you buy unfinished furniture, you can mix and match different pieces from different manufacturers.

Unfinished furniture and accessories have the following categories:

       Unfinished Coffee Table
       Unfinished Cocktail Table
       Unfinished Area Table
       Unfinished End Table
       Unfinished Sofa Table
       Unfinished Huntboard
       Unfinished Chest
       Unfinished Accent Table
       Unfinished Entry Table
       Unfinished Tea Table
       Unfinished Phone Stand
       Unfinished Hall Table
       Unfinished Storage Chest
       Unfinished Hutch
       Unfinished Buffet
       Unfinished Sideboard
       Unfinished Cabinet
       Unfinished Cupboard
       Unfinished Stool
       Unfinished Table
       Unfinished Chair
       Unfinished Nightstand
       Unfinished Dresser
       Unfinished Chest
       Unfinished Armoire
       Unfinished Headboard
       Unfinished Vanity Table
       Unfinished Bench
       Unfinished Step Stool
       Unfinished Shelf
       Unfinished Stand
       Unfinished Rack
       Unfinished Service Bar
       Unfinished Media Storage Cabinet
       Unfinished TV/VCR Unit
       Unfinished TV Cabinet
       Unfinished Entertainment Centre
       Unfinished Rocking Chair
       Unfinished Toy Box
       Unfinished Bookcase
       Unfinished Cart
       Unfinished Computer Desk
       Unfinished Console
       Unfinished Desk
       Unfinished Kitchen Island
       Unfinished Service Cart
       Unfinished Cutting Block







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