Rattan Furniture

Rattan is the name for roughly six hundred species of the genera Calumus and Daemonorops used for furniture and baskets. It is the oldest natural furniture material in use today. While very similar to bamboo, rattan is distinct in that it is solid rather than hollow. Moreover, bamboo can grow by itself, but rattan cannot.  

Cut into sections, rattan can be used as wood to make furniture. Sections of rattan can be used as staves or canes. Moreover, the inner core can be separated and worked into wicker. Rattan furniture includes wicker furniture that uses rattan cores in the weave and furniture that uses rattan as wood. Since that is essentially what rattan is, it accepts paint and stain and can appear in a variety of colors. The shapes it can take are limited mainly by usability and market forces.

 Rattan furniture and accessories have the following categories:

       Rattan Chairs
       Rattan Stools
       Rattan Barstool
       Rattan Caf Set
       Rattan Armchair
       Rattan Folding Armchair
       Rattan Hanging Chair
       Rattan Side Chair
       Rattan Folding Side Chair
       Rattan Lazy Chair
       Rattan Phone Bench
       Rattan Steam Wheel
       Rattan Swivel
       Rattan Rocking Chair
       Rattan Lounge Chair
       Rattan Sofa Set
       Rattan Living Room Furniture
       Rattan Dining Chair
       Rattan Garden Furniture Set
       Rattan Dining Set
       Rattan Bed
       Rattan Panel Divider
       Rattan Table
       Rattan Round Table
       Rattan Chest of Drawers
       Rattan End Table
       Rattan Centre Table
       Rattan Side Table
       Rattan Shelf
       Rattan Corner Shelf
       Rattan Showcase
       Rattan Corner Showcase
       Rattan Basket
       Rattan Tray
       Rattan Rack
       Rattan Corner Rack
       Rattan Hamper
       Rattan Tissue Box
       Rattan Magazine Rack
       Rattan Lampshade
       Rattan Book Rack
       Rattan TV Cabinet
       Rattan Bench
       Rattan Rack with Drawers
       Rattan Locker
       Rattan Carpet
       Rattan Fruit Bowl
       Rattan Candle Holder







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