Paint Spraying

Paint spraying is exceedingly important when it comes to furniture. This is because the beauty of the furniture often depends on the way it is painted. In short, the way a piece of furniture is painted can make or break its appearance. Therefore, one should know what type of paint should be used on what type of furniture material for the desired look.

Paints used for furniture have the following categories:

       Latex Paint
       Oil-Based Paint
       Interior Paint & Enamel
       Aluminium Paint
       Texture Paint
       Epoxy Finish Paint

Where there is paint, there is the paint sprayer. Just like paint, you need to choose the right kind of paint sprayer to achieve the desired effect on your furniture.

Paint sprayers have the following categories:

       Manual Spray Gun
       Automated Spray Gun
       Alternative Spray Gun
       Air Spray Gun
       Airless Spray Gun
       Air Assisted Airless Spray Gun
       Reciprocating Spray System
       Turbine Spray Gun (Non-Bleed)
       HVLP Spray Gun





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