Outdoor Furniture

Before patios, decks and patio furniture became popular, the main outdoor furniture was an old rocker on the front porch or some old kitchen chairs that were left outside. It was generally accepted practice to move out to the front porch after dinner in the summer time, because the house was already warm from the summer sun, then the wood cook stove had to be fired up to fix the evening meal, making it even warmer. The front porch became an extension of the living room, or parlor as it was more commonly known. As time went on the furniture comfort on the porch improved and more types of outdoor furniture were used. Wicker was a popular furniture for the front porch and was quite often left out all year round. Porch swings became almost as common as the large porches were and metal furniture moved from the veranda of the wealthy to the front porches of the middle class.

 Outdoor furniture and accessories have the following categories:

       Deck Box
       Lounge Chair
       Folding Table
       Storage Bench
       Storage Seat
       Patio Set
       Bistro Chair
       Towel Rack
       Sun Shelter
       Rolling Cooler
       Accent Table
       Lounge Set
       Cot Bed
       Rocking Chair
       Umbrella Stand
       Potting Bench
       Air Conditioner Screen
       Serving Cart
       Swing Stand
       Outdoor Stool
       Swivel Chair
       Travel Table
       Side Table
       Hammock Storage Bag
       Hammock Chair
       Garden Party Canopy





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