Modern Furniture

More than 50 years ago designers developed the modern movement and began producing furniture meant to occupy the homes of newly sprouting suburbia. With new materials and concepts, it was a revolution in design. Thus was modern the first modern/contemporary furniture. During the middle of the last century, there was the promise of better living through technology that started around 1940 because of WWII. New materials were designed or discovered for the war effort and designers started to explore what they could do with them. Furniture from this movement is known by many different names--minimalism, pop, organic, contemporary, high tech and futuristic. It also incorporates many new materials like fibreglass, different woods, plastic, Lucite, bent plywood and parachute webbing. Modern furniture became known for its simple lines and uncluttered form, which shunned the flowery decoration of period furniture. This sort of design austerity can sometimes seem uninviting, but comfort and usability are very much a part of modern pieces.

Modern furniture and accessories have the following categories:

       Oak Mirror Chair
       Oak Table Light
       Crossbow Stool
       Director's Chair
       Oak Stool & Bench
       Inflatable Furniture
       Queen Size Bed
       Night Table
       Dining Table
       Wall Decor
       Console Table
       Cocktail Table
       End Table
       Swivel Chair
       Conference Table
       Coffee Table
       Low Stool
       Lounge Chair
       Chaise Chair







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