Metal Furniture

Metal furniture generally consists of metal legs or frame and nylon webbing or upholstery of some type. Metal furniture is made from either aluminium or steel (iron) and once the finish coat is applied, it is difficult to identify the specific type of metal with which the furniture is made. One way to tell the difference between aluminium and steel is to place a magnet on the surface of the metal. Steel is generally more expensive than aluminium when used in furniture. However, the price varies with thickness and specific type of metal as well as the finished use. Moreover, aluminium must be thicker than steel to be as stronger.

Aluminium furniture is very popular because it doesn't rust, however it gets oxidized. When aluminium oxidizes it turns chalky white. Better quality furniture is usually made of either cast or heavy tube aluminium.

Steel, on the other hand, is made of a strong tough metal consisting of iron alloyed with various small percentages of carbon and other metals. Steel is divided into low, medium and high carbon. Most of the metal furniture is made of low carbon steel because it is less expensive and the strength of high carbon steel is not needed for furniture.

The quality of metal furniture depends on the weight of the furniture, the way the metal is joined, sturdiness of the furniture piece, reupholster potential, vent holes and the use of floor protectors. Moreover, the finish applied to the metal furniture is equally important for its durability. The most common finishes used on metal furniture are anodized, brass and chrome plated, brass, plastic and painted.


Metal furniture and accessories have the following categories:

       Bar Stool / Table
       Cast Iron Candle Holder
       Cast Iron Chairs
       Cast Iron Furniture
       Cast Iron Planters
       Cast Iron Tables
       Coffee Table
       Double Bed
       Dressing Table
       Garden Furniture
       Invertor Cabinets
       Iron Bed
       Iron Bottle Racks
       Iron Drapery Hardware
       Iron Sofa Sets
       Iron Wine Racks
       Metal Cabinets
       Metal Furniture
       Metal Sheet Frames
       Outdoor Furniture
       Recliner Chairs
       Rustic Furniture
       Section Windows
       Sofas Set
       Steel Door Frames
       Steel Window Frames
       Tea Table
       Telephone Table
       White Metal Furniture
       Wroght Iron Furniture
       Wrought Iron Almirah
       Wrought Iron Bed
       Wrought Iron Bench
       Wrought Iron Book Shelf
       Wrought Iron Cabinets

       Wrought Iron Chair
       Wrought Iron Consoles
       Wrought Iron Dining Tables
       Wrought Iron Garden Benches
       Wrought Iron Garden Chairs
       Wrought Iron Garden Furniture
       Wrought Iron Partitions
       Wrought Iron Sofa
       Wrought Iron Stand
       Wrought Iron Table
       Wrought Iron Umbrella Stand
Wrought Iron Wine Rack





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