Light is used to vitalize objects, surfaces and environments throughout the home. Light has the power to characterize and accent rooms. It can convey an aura of intimacy, provide a touch of sophistication and provocatively enhance a homes architectural details with special effects. Every home has a unique light level that is dependent upon the ways the rooms and windows face, the size and type of windows, the colour of the decoration and the density of furniture in the rooms. It is an eclectic mix but these factors can make a huge difference. Natural light plays an important part in the mix since it can create an infinite array of atmospheres and moods in any room through the course of the day, from bright and invigorating to subdued and tranquil.

Lighting and light fittings have the following categories:

       Pendant Lighting
       Task Lighting
       Accent Lighting
       Wall Washer
       Lamp Shade
       Pendant Light
       Light Catcher
       Display Light
       Halogen Downlighter
       Brick Light
       Eyeball Downlight
       Overhead Cabinet Light
       Fluorescent Light Fitting
       Sodium Floodlight
       Shower Light
       Slim Line Fluorescent Light
       Halide Luminaire
       Under Kitchen Cabinet Light
       Weather Proof Corrosion Resistant Luminaire
       Shaver Light
       Garden Light
       Garden Lighting Kit
       Outdoor Transformer






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