Leather Material

One of the major determinants of the quality of a leather upholstered piece is the type of leather used. All leather is the product of animal hides. However, these hides vary greatly in their quality. The origin of the hides, the way in which they're converted to leather and the method used to dye the hides all contribute to their value. Leather can be of various types depending on the animal hide used and the method of processing.

 Leather material has the following categories:

       Cow Leather
       Embossed Cow Leather
       Pig Split Suede
       PU Synthetic Leather
       PU Shoe Leather
       Synthetic Leather
       Garment PU Leather
       Semi PU Artificial Leather
       PU Leather for Sofa
       Dry Salted Sheepskin
       Raw Frozen Red Deer Skin
       Full Grain Leather
       Pig Split Leather
       Upholstery Split Leather Crust
       Finished Leather
       Dorper Skin
       Cattle Head Skin
       Coloured Rabbit Skin
       Raw Leather
       PVC Leather
       Crocodile Skin
       Tannery Leather
       Scrap Leather
       Colour Rabbit Skin Plate
       Suspension Dried Cow Hide







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