Leather Furniture

Leather furniture is nowadays a symbol of style, status and comfort. One of the major determinants of the quality of a leather upholstered piece is the type of leather used. All leather is the product of animal hides. However, these hides vary greatly in their quality. The origin of the hides, the way in which they're converted to leather and the method used to dye the hides all contribute to their value. Like stone, wood and wool, leather is a natural product, a prized commodity throughout history. Ox hide and calfskins were preferred for late Louis XIV styles. Fine goat leather was often the choice of Chippendale and later designers. Then, as today, cattle leather was the major source because of its availability, strength and hide size. Larger hides minimize the amount of seams required in upholstering a large piece of furniture. No matter the leather you choose, you can be sure that hide will supply you with years of comfort, style and versatility.


Leather furniture and accessories have the following categories:

       Leather Sofa
       Leather Recliner
       Leather Loveseat
       Leather Armchair
       Leather Couch
       Leather Sleeper Sofa
       Leather Club Chair
       Leather Ottoman
       Leather Barstool
       Leather Reclining Sofa







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