Leather Care & Repair Products

Leather ages gracefully and can last a lifetime with proper care right from the start. Leather furniture should not be covered by plastic and other non-breathable covers because it will cause the leather to become dry. Wet or damp leather should be allowed to air-dry naturally away from any heat source. Leather can be treated with a conditioner to restore flexibility. In winter salt deposits from leather furniture should be promptly removed by sponging with clear water and then following with the treatment for wet and damp leather. Waxes, silicone products or other leather preparations that impair the leather products ability to breathe should not be used. All leather needs conditioning from time to time. Leather experts recommend conditioning and water proofing twice a year. In fact, early spring and fall are ideal for maintaining the condition of the leather products.

Furniture is supposed to last a long time. But like everything else, even furniture gets damaged at times. It is then that you need to repair or refinish the damaged furniture. Building furniture with traditional joinery is fairly straightforward: cut, glue, clamp, and let it dry. A well made mortise and tenon or dovetail joint will last several generations, but even the best joint may eventually need to be repaired, particularly on hard wearing items like chairs. Re-cutting the original joinery or replacing an entire part may not always be the right course to follow, especially if the furniture has an intrinsic historical value. Besides accidental breakage, a joined piece of furniture may fail for a number of reasons. The most common are wear and tear which produces racking stresses on the joint (like the back legs of a chair) and normal expansion/shrinkage due to seasonal changes. These two forces may operate independently or together to produce failure at the glue line. A joint may also have been improperly cut when originally constructed with one of the components either too large or small.

 Some of the furniture repair and restoration products are given below:


       Brass Darkening Solution
       Butcher Block Oil
       Caning Material
       Stripper Wash
       Crackling Solution
       Spray Can Of Clear Spray Finish
       Furniture Cleaner
       Finish Penetrating Solution
       Paint & Varnish
       Varnish Stripping Gel
       Paint Remover
       Liquid De-glosser
       Tack Cloth
       Cheese Cloth
       Ring Remover
       Steel Wool
       Sanding Sponge
       Furniture First-Aid Kit
       Paste Wax
       Wood Filler Sticks
       Furniture Cleaner
       Wood Bleach
       Brass Restoration Kit
       Brass Cleaner
       Rust Remover







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