Furniture Fittings

Furniture fittings are small detachments of furniture which form an integral part of the furniture and its accessories. The fittings of a house include interior as well as exterior sliding doors and windows. Moreover, it also includes freestanding and ensconced panels and screens.

Furniture fittings can be of the following categories:

       Assembly Fittings
       Bed Fittings
       Cabinet Fittings
       Case Fittings
       Desk Fittings

 Each of these broad categories again has the following categories:

       Cup Nut
       Cup Washer
       Guide Pin
       Guide Pin & Socket
       Carcass Connector
       Chipboard Connector Screw
       Chipboard Fastener
       Countersunk Hex Socket Screw
       Bed Connecting Bracket
       Side Hooks & Eyes
       Case Clip
       Case Corner
       Case Handle
       Case Clasp
       Toggle Fastener
       Cable Outlet
       Desk Tidy







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