Folding Screen

 While at first glance the folding screen appears to be only a decoration, a simple room divider, it has a functionality that far surpasses that of any other furnishing. Folding screens are a great way to finish off a corner, screen a storage area or add a bit of privacy. With folding screens strategically placed in restaurants, reception and other high traffic areas, one can be rest assured that no one will wander off the beaten path. Using folding screens is a great way to camouflage the cluttered laundry room, air conditioner or even the childs untidy toy box. Moreover, the removable fabric and wood inserts enables you to easily change the style in any room at any time.

 Folding screen has the following categories:

       Two Panel Screens
       Three Panel Screen
       Four Panel Screen
       Japanese Screen
       Bamboo Screen
       Wooden Folding Screen
       Non-Woven Cloth Folding Screen
       Folding Screen with Flexible Infrared Warming Function
       Folding Aluminium Screen Frame
       Steel Folding Screen
       Black Iron Folding Screen
       Fireplace Screen
       Hand Painted Panel Screen
       Framed Screen
       Wrought Iron Screen
       Natural Framed Screen
       Screen With Candle Cup







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