Finishing Equipment

Finishing equipment is used to give the product a finished look. To be more precise, it is used to transform a product, in this case furniture, from its raw and unfinished state to a polished and finished end product. Finishing equipments need not necessarily be machines; they can also be paints and polishes used on furniture.

The wood finishing industry consists of furniture and cabinet finishing and reupholstering facilities, and repair shops. The majority of the furniture being refinished is made of wood, but metal furniture also requires finishing. Each furniture business has developed its own unique procedures for completing its work, but the basic steps in all finishing processes are practically identical. Finish on the old piece is removed and the raw surface is sanded, stained and bleached. The pores are then filled and a sealer is applied. Finally, several coats of transparent or coloured film are applied for protection or appearance.

Finishing equipment has the following categories:

       Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
       Zip Drivers
       Multi-Purpose Machine
       Moulding Sprayer
       Reciprocating Spray System
       Solid Spray Machine
       Flat Panel Finishing
       Nitrocellulose Sealers & Topcoats
       Solvent-Based Adhesive
       Epoxy Resin
       Urea Formaldehyde Resin
       Hot Melt Adhesive
       Heat Seal Adhesive
       Aqueous-Based Adhesive
       Polyvinyl Acetates (PVA)
       Manual Spray Gun
       Automated Spray Gun
       Alternative Spray Gun
       Flatline Finishing
       Dip Coated
       Spray Booth
       Wash Coat
       Clear Coat
       Adhesion Promoter
       Air Spray
       Airless Spray
       Air Assisted Airless Spray







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