Drawer Slides & Brackets

Drawer slides facilitate the movement of the drawer smoothly. A bracket, on the other hand, is a simple rigid L-shaped structure, one arm of which is fixed to a vertical surface with the other arm projecting horizontally to support a shelf or other weight. Decorative brackets used in furniture and mantelpieces are called corbels.

Drawer slides and brackets have the following categories:

       Centre Mount Slide
       Lever Release Slide
       Pivot Door Slide
       Pocket Door Slide
       Pencil Drawer Slide
       Heavy-Duty Box/File Slide
       Self-Closing Heavy-Duty Box/File Slide
       Heavy-Duty File Slide
       Heavy-Duty Drawer Slide
       Extra Heavy-Duty Drawer Slide
       Full Extension Drawer Slide
       Stainless Steel Box/File Slide
       Stainless Steel Heavy-Duty Box/File Slide
       Keyboard Slide
       Adjustable Keyboard Slide
       Angle Bracket
       Cabinet Corner Bracket
       Shrinkage Bracket
       Timber Corbel
       Stone Corbel
       Marble Corbel







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