Colonial Furniture

Colonial furniture refers to furniture or furniture styles that were prevalent during the British rule in the British colonies. That includes colonial furniture from America, Australia and Asia.

British Colonial Antique describe all furnishing produced in Britain's former colonies throughout the word. The types of pieces produced reflected the needs of the time. New Government offices required desks, cabinets for documents storage, chairs and tables. Much furniture was also ordered by army and was designed to be sturdy and easy to dismantle. This is now known as campain-stile furniture. Most of furniture was made during the Victorian and Edwardian's periods. It tends to be very solid constructed and classically proportioned.

Americans of the Victorian era did not collect antiques; those who could, bought fashionable, new furniture. Although most of that furniture was designed in historical styles, ancient motifs were being used in new ways and on new furniture shapes. Towards the end of the nineteenth century, a quantity of furniture was made in the style of fine eighteenth-century pieces; today, these are rather freely referred to as "Centennial" furniture. But many more people apply the term loosely to old Colonial Revival furniture, almost all of which was made after 1876, and in a wide range of quality.

Colonial furniture and accessories have the following categories:

       Colonial Sofa Set
       Colonial Dining Set
       Colonial Bed
       Colonial Table
       Colonial Chair
       Colonial Wardrobe
       Colonial Stool
       Colonial Chest
       Colonial Sink Cabinet
       Colonial Dresser & Mirror
       Colonial Bench
       Colonial Bureau
       Colonial Door
       Colonial Window







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