Chair Accessories

Chair accessories may be for fashion to make the chair look trendy and good and comfortable or they may be mechanical devices such as cable clamps and jackscrews, added to connectors to make up the total connector configuration.

 Chair accessories have the following categories:

       Bedchair Support Tube
       Replacement Swivel Feet
       Bedchair Carrybag
       Thermal Bedchair Cover
       Tip Stabilizer
       Chair & Table Tips
       Arm Rest
       Foot Rest
       Leaning Post
       Deck Base
       Seat Pedestal
       Seat Mount
       Graph Bracket
       Spring Lock
       Handle for Power Pedestal
       Power Pedestal
       Taper Lock Adapter
       Bolt-On Bracket
       Spring Lock Socket Cover
       Swivel Bushing
       Taper Lock Seat Mount Bushing
       Taper Lock Post Bushing
       Replacement Bushing
       Socket Base
       Floor Base
       Wedge Adjustable Post
       Wedge Post
       Adjustable Height Pin Post
       Transom & Steering Stabilizer
       Chair Tipsplastic
       Seat Back
       Quick Release Pin
       Seat Mount with Friction Control
       Snap Lock Post
       Snap Lock Adjustable Post
       Base Plate
       Wedge Base Plate
       Seat Cushions







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