Bamboo Furniture

Bamboo is often used as a substitute to timber. This is because bamboo plywood is eight times stronger than wood of the same thickness. Particleboard of bamboo fibre has high density and no swelling whereas particleboard produced from timber has these problems. Moreover, bamboo composite boards have the same aesthetic appearance using only a small percentage of wood content. Because of all these reasons bamboo is often used to make furniture in place of wood.

 Bamboo furniture and accessories have the following categories:

       Bamboo Chair
       Bamboo Table
       Bamboo Sofa Set
       Bamboo Bench
       Bamboo Shelf
       Bamboo Rack
       Bamboo Showcase
       Bamboo Wardrobe
       Bamboo Stool
       Bamboo Side Table
       Bamboo Centre Table
       Bamboo Coffee Table
       Bamboo Dining Set
       Bamboo Garden Furniture
       Bamboo Lounge Chair
       Bamboo Patio Furniture
       Bamboo Bookshelf
       Tropical Bamboo Folding Chair
       Bamboo Folding Chair
       Bamboo Plant Stand
       Bamboo Hanging Chair
       Bamboo Folding Table
       Bamboo Folding Bench
       Tropical Bamboo Folding Bookcase
       Tropical Bamboo Folding Bookshelf
       Bamboo Long Folding Picnic Tabl
       Bamboo Picnic Bench
       Bamboo Child's Folding Chair





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